Professor Vladimir G. Tsirelson

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Department of Quantum Chemistry, Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology, Miusskaya Square 9, 
Moscow 125047, Russia


Professor Tsirelson joined Mendeleev University at 1979. His research efforts have been in a study of the bonding in molecules and solids by X-ray and electron diffraction in the combina- tion with quantum chemistry. He has developed of numerous experimental and calculation schemes and techniques for the study of the electronic, nonlinear optical and magnetic properties of the crystalline systems in terms of the electron density and electrostatic potential. His interests span a wide range of topics including characterization of the materials by the diffraction and quantum chemical methods, topological analysis of the atomic and molecular interactions, accurate X-ray and electron crystallography. He has produced more then 25 of the Ph.D and M.Sc. students successfully working now in the USA, Japan, Australia, Germany and Russia.

Born: March 3, 1948, Charkov, Ukraine.
Nationality: Russian.
1989: D.Sc. in Chemical Physics, Karpov Physical Chemical Institute, Moscow.
1979: Ph.D. in Crystallography and Physics of Crystals, Mendeleev University.
1975: M.Sc. (with Honors) in Physics, State University, Donetsk
1993: International Scientific Exchange Award, NSERC, Canada.
1997, 1998, 2000: Soros Distinguished Professor of Physics: Award of the International Soros Science Education Program (USA).
2002, 2003: Moscow Government Award in Science and Technology.
2002: Humboldt Research Award in Theoretical Chemistry and Crystallography (Germany). 
Professional Experience
1997-present: Head of the Department of Quantum Chemistry, Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology, Moscow.
1996-present: Member of Mendeleev University Academic Council.
1994-present: Member of Commission on Charge, Spin and Momentum Densities, International Union of Crystallography.
1991-present: Member of the Crystal Chemistry Commission, Russian Academy of Sciences.
1991-1994: Member of the Board of Non-government Scientific Foundation for the Natural Sciences (Russia).
Fundamental physics, quantum chemistry, theory of the chemical bond, accurate X-ray structure analysis, bonding in solids.
Principal investigator in scientific projects funded by the INTAS (Europe Community), National Organization for Scientific Researches (the Netherlands), International Soros Science Foundation (USA), the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (Germany), Japan Ministry of Edication, Science, Sports and Culture, Russian Foundation for Basic Research.
Work History
1997-present: Full Professor and Head of the Department of Quantum Chemistry, Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology, Moscow.
1991-97: Full Professor of Physics, Mendeleev University.
1997: Visiting Professor, Essen University, Germany.
1995, 1999: Visiting Professor, Potsdam University, Germany.
1993: Visiting Professor, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada.
1982: Senior Scientific Researcher & Group Leader, Mendeleev University.
1979: Scientist, Mendeleev University.
1970: Research Assistant, Physical Technical Institute, Donetsk.

List of publications consists of 3 monographs, 4 textbooks, 12 reviews, 111 original papers and 81 communication abstracts.

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